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A collection for photos taken at the NVR April-June 2013.
13.4.2013 44422 on the service train, and Swedish Railbus no.1212 on a charter run for members of the ICRS Group.
23.4.2013 Colas Rail tamper 73919 arrives at NVR.
24.4.2013 The Steam Crane at Ferry Meadows with 14029 and shunting activity at Wansford.
11.5.2013 The boiler ticket for LMS 4F no.44422 will soon run out, so there are only limited chances to see it now before it is withdrawn from service.
15.5.2013 GPO Van, and D9520 on service train.
16.5.2013 Mainly diesel stuff. Convoy of 5 machines arriving for the weekend event, seen at Orton Mere and Yacht Club crossing.
17.5.2013 More diesel stuff. Wansford yard.
8.6.2013 44422 in action. The engine will move to Crewe at the end of June for boiler examination, and may possibly be withdrawn for 10 year overhaul, in which case it will not be seen at the NVR for some time to come.
10.6.2013 The Colas crane moves from Wansford to Ferry Meadows.
11.6.2013 The Colas Rail crane parked at Ferry Meadows.
13.6.2013 The Colas Rail crane at Wansford.
14.6.2013 44422 on driver experience runs with stock.

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