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Photos taken on the eve of the Gala, and the Gala days 14/15 Sept 2013. There was an amount of shunting on 13th plus a private function for British Railways Board (Residual) which now no longer functions. The party had the use of 73050 and the Mark 1s. Weather on 14th was humid and steamy. On 15th some shots taken up to 11.30am when the weather deteriorated fast. 73050, 80072, and 4141 faced west on Saturday. On Sunday morning they were turned to face east, and 80072 ran as 80132 for the day. As Orton Mere passing loop is not being used most of the action was around Wansford. Small engines Hunslet no.22, Hudswell Clark no.1800 and Peckett no.1438 featured on brakevan rides and the freight between Wansford and Yarwell, which unfortunately few people could witness. Grateful thanks to the organisers of this event.

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