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Photos will be added to this collection up to the end of March. The Three Fives event at the end of February is much anticipated.
11.1.2014 45337 on a Driver Experience run in the low winter sun today.
19.1.2014 The Swedish Railcar no.1212 was doing the business today with 4 runs. A unique form of rail transport in UK. Smart vehicle with good vision all round. Seen at Castor, Ferry Meadows and Wansford.
26.1.2014 A trip in 'Helga' no.1212 in the wind and rain.
2.2.2014 45337 on service trains in low winter sun.
22.02.2014 'Fives Weekend'. 45337 running as 44837 recreating the last BR steam-hauled train on this line, and farewell to 73050 as it is being withdrawn for overhaul.
27.2.2014 Swedish Railcar no.1212 'Helga' was taking the air at Wansford today.

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