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Photos taken between Jan- Mar 2013.
17.1.2013. Swedish Railbus 1212 on display at Wansford.
19.2.2013. 70000 'Britannia' arrives for the Winter Gala.
22.2.2013. 70000 Driving Experience day.
25.2.2013. 70000 Driving Experience day.
1.3.2013. 70000 'Britannia' leaves for Hellifield on a murky morning.
2.3.2013. GWR large prairie no.4141 on driver experience run.
3.3.2013. 2-6-2T no.4141 at Yarwell Tunnel on its last day of service at the NVR.
24.3.2013 No.22 in the snow at Yarwell.

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