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A gallery for general photos taken on the NVR between Jan and March 2015. Photos to be added from time to time in this period.
8.2.15 'Ring Haw' in action.
13.2.15 62712 'Morayshire' has arrived at NVR. A few shots taken in the yard.
15.2.15 Austerity no.22 on service train.
17.2.15 'Ring Haw' on service trains- in sunshine.
18.2.15 'Ring Haw' running today as 'JACKS GREEN'
19.2.15 'Ring Haw' on service train at Orton Mere, and shunting stock at Wansford.
20.2.15 Some early morning and late evening shots. A photo charter left early and the 'Highlander' Fish and Chips train departed in the evening.
4.3.15 No.22 on a Schools Special departure at Wansford.
18.3.15 Developments at Ferry Meadows.
25.3.15 'Ring Haw' on a schools special, and shunts.

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