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After a number of years with few or no guest engines the NVR brought in some high-profile visitors in 71000 'Duke Of Gloucester' and 4936 'Kinlet Hall' to join the home fleet of 73050, 44422 and Austerity no.22. Judging by the crowds on Saturday the event should be a success and hopefully there will be more in future. Both visitors are staying for a while after the Gala. Thanks to all involved at NVR for putting on this show. The event was marketed as a first meeting of 71000 and 73050 since the Willesden International Rail Congress 1954. As a 14 yr. old schoolboy I was at Willesden and took three photos with a Kodak Brownie 127, hopelessly inadequate for the conditions. Was anyone else at Willesden in 1954 and the NVR on 10 Sept 2011?
Two newly-restored brake vans made their debuts and there is renewed initiative by volunteers to restore other goods wagons. The fourteen-wagon freight here was a feature. Now, if we could get next year the Super D and the LNWR Coal tank what a lot of photo charters could be had featuring Wansford's LNWR signal box on this former LNW line. Just a thought......
14.9.11 More shots added of 4936 on service trains, and on driver experience runs.
22.9.11 71000 on driver experience runs.

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