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A gallery for photos taken between April and June 2012. Photos will be added from time to time as events occur.
20.4.2012 73050 is scheduled to convey the Olympic torch so a practice run was made on 20.4.12. Shunting scenes at Wansford.
17.5.2012 A convoy of 5 diesels arrived for the diesel gala- 56312, 55019, D1619, 31601 and 31602.
18.5.2012 Diesels for the gala in Wansford yard.
20.5.2012. An hour spent at the gala. Uninspiring shots on a dull day.
9.6.2012. Sunshine- and a chance to photgraph the east-facing 44422, and a new exhibit at Wansford.

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