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Photos will be added here for October-December 2013. 60163 'Tornado' and 45337 are due to visit NVR in November.
31.10.2013 60163 'Tornado' and 45337 are now safely arrived at NVR.
2.11.2013 First day of 'Tornado'weekend. Weather poor and engine facing west.
3.11.2013 A few more shots taken in sunshine.
7.11.2013 60163 did a few run pasts for the A1 Group Photgrapher on driver experience day.
8.11.2013 60163 on Driver Experience run and new gates at Orton Mere.
10.11.2013 45337 on Driver Experience runs at Wansford.
03.12.2013 The boiler of 34081 '92 Squadron' has been overhauled at Chatham Steam and is now back at Wansford.
04.12.2013 and 11.12.2013 45337 on the Santa.
28.12.2013 Nice sunny day to see 45337 with Mark 1s at Wansford, Orton Mere, Yarwell and Lynch Bridge area.

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