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This collection will be added to from time to time during the period Jan-March 2012.
2.1.2012 Polish 0-8-0T no.5485 on the New Year services, seen at Yarwell.
15.1.2012 Standard 5 no.73050 seen at Yarwell and Orton Mere
17.1.2012 Civil Engineering work. Soil added to embankment for TASC machine location. Replacement signal for signal 22 Wansford outer home is installed.
11.2.2012 Wintry scenes at NVR when the temperature at sunrise was minus 12 deg C. class 14, Thomas, and 73050 in various actions. The temperature did not rise above 0degC all day.
19.2.2012 Sunny day. Hudswell Clark 0-6-0T aka 'Thomas' working trains Wansford-Yarwell, and Austerity no.22 working trains Wansford-Peterborough. 44422 on shed on steam test.
26.2.2012 Another sunny day. Unfortunately no 4F as scheduled but Austerity no.22 running instead. Seen at Yarwell, near Lynch bridge, and the tunnel.
4.3.2012 44422 raising steam on shed for its first duties of 2012.
18.3.2012 First sight of LMS 4F no.44422 in action and a 'Mums Drive Thomas' event for fundraising.
25.3.2012 73050 departing Wansford on a service train.

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