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7.10.2015 Big day today. Steam crane working. 45337 has arrived. Boiler of 34081 '92 Squadron' reunited with its chassis in Wansford yard.
10.10.2015 Mixed Traffic Event featuring all working engines, steam and diesel, and an imaginative timetable with shuttles at either end of the line. The event ran smoothly and deserved far more attention from Joe Public than it got. Thanks to all involved.
14.10.2015 The tender of 34081 is re-wheeled with aid of the steam crane, and two Roman soldiers pushing a refreshment trolley emerge from 1212 'Helga' after a special trip.
21.10.2015 1744 on service train at Wansford.
25.10.2015 45337 in the autumn colours.
27.10.2015 1744 on service trains.
28.10.2015 1744 on service trains.
31.10.2015 45337 on service trains.
1.11.2015 45337 in morning fog and afternoon sunshine.
8.11.2015 45337 on driver experience run.
18.11.2015 Volker TRM Machine arrives, plus- first view of 75008

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