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Created 1-May-17
Modified 1-May-17
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A visit from Thursday pm to Sunday am. Four years since my last visit, before the Williton footbridge was erected. I also visited the Allerford Jn triangle for the first time. 76017 was brought in as cover for the doubtful 53809 and was a fitting addition to the line-up. 6960, 44422 ,43925, 53808, 53809, 1501, 5199, 78018, and 76017 all in action, with 'Kilmersdon' based at Minehead, and a little industrial 0-4-0ST engine shunting at Washford. The 2 4Fs double-headed several times. Good Gala.

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Keywords:1501, 43925, 44422, 5199, 53808, 53809, 6960, 76017, 78018, WSR

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