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A new gallery for the next 3 months photos. Hottest day of the year so far at 35C 1.7.2015 not auspicious for steam photos but smoke was to be seen as no.22 came to the boil on shed, and the boiler of 34081 was prepared for an out-of-frames steam test which it passed. No.1800 Thomas will soon get its wheels. Looking forward to the arrivals of the visitors.
25.7.2015 A little time spent with the Wagon Group at work, Tim Hobman, Paul Foxwell, and Phil Halstead. They do a tremendous job and can get goods vehicles ready for running at comparatively small cost. They can always do with more help. Reasonable DIY skills useful. In the 1990s NVR used to run recreated express freight trains with 16 box vans, a sight regularly seen on the ECML in steam days often with an A4 in charge. Such a train will attract regular photo charters. The ex LMS CCT now restored to 'Octopussy' condition.
9.8.2015 1501 in action on service trains.
21.9.2015 1744 on service train passing Castor.
14.8.2015 60163 'Tornado' on a couple of driver experience runs on a rather murky afternoon.
23.8.2015 1501 on service trains.
26.8.2015 1501 around Wansford and boiler work on 92 Squadron.
27.8.2015 Shunting at Wansford 31271 on service train, and N2 1744 arrives.
10.9.2015 LNWR Coal Tank no.1054 in the yard.
26.9.2015 1744 on service train and 'Ring Haw' on TPO.

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