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A gallery for main line steam charters and other stuff. Several charters pass through this part of the country between now and end of year. Photos will be added from time to time.
16.10.14 70013 at March and Manea, plus a few freights.
25.10.14 60009 1Z82 KX-Newcastle seen near the top of Stoke bank at Creeton.
09.11.14 46115 'Scots Guardsman' with the 'Robin Hood' St.Pancras-Nottingham seen on Manton bank near Oakham.
22.11.14 60019 and 46233 near Long Buckby. not a good location for steam photography.
28.11.14 60009 at Westwood, Peterborough.
4.12.2014 60019 at Marholm- KX-York charter.
6.12.2014 60009 at Abbotts Ripton and Peterborough- KX-Lincoln excursion.
11.12.2014 60009 passing Whittlesea with the Norwich-York excursion.
13.12.2014 60019 at Abbots Ripton and Tallington with the Xmas White Rose KX-York.
18.12.2014 60009 passing Beggars Bridge, Turves, with Norwich-York excursion.
20.12.2014 60009 seen at Sharnbrook and Morcott with the 'York Yuletide Express' London Victoria-York
30.12.14 60019 'Bittern' KX-Lincoln on its last run before overhaul- seen near Glinton.

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