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Created 2-Oct-11
Modified 5-Oct-11
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A collection of photos at the WSR Autumn Gala on 29th, 30th September, and 1st October 2011.
Wall-to-wall strong sunshine and temperatures 28-29dec C meant little or no visible exhaust, otherwise highly enjoyable as always. 3850, 4160, 5029, 5542, 5553, 7828, and 9351 represented the GWR, 88 from the SDJR, 1744 from the GNR, and 34046 and 34070 from the SR in varying action.
The music attached to the slideshow is 'Summer set' played by Acker Bilk and His Paramount Jazzband (1959)- seems appropriate given the hot weather.

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Keywords:1744, 34046, 34070, 3850, 4160, 5029, 5542, 5553, 7828, 88, 9351, WSR

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