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With four steam-hauled excursions in a space of five days it seemed a good time to have a short holiday in the area, and explore some of this renowned line. 46233 on 21/7, 46115 on 22/7, 60009 on 23/7, and 48151 on 25/7/12 provided a selection which could not be bettered. 46233 in green, 46115, which proves to be as rare in the south as Holbeck Scots were in the 1950s, the return to the main line of number 9, and the 8F working hard in the mist. I followed 60009 on the local train and paid a first visit to Carlisle. A superb experience all round, which will be repeated.

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Keywords:46115, 46233, 48151, 60009, Carlisle, Dent, Garsdale, Horton in Ribblesdale, Ribblehead, Settle

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