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A small collection of photos taken at Jebba, Kano, and Makurdi around 1965 and 1971.
The Nigeria system is 3'6'' and steam was at an end in the early 1970s. Photographing railways is viewed with suspicion in Nigeria,especially during the Biafra war, and by a mad 'bature'.

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Keywords:Beyer-Garratt, Jebba, Kano, Makurdi, Nigeria, Railways, Stephenson, diesel, steam

Jebba 66-31Jebba 66-32Jebba 66-36Jebba 66-36cJos 1 65Kano  Aug71Kano Aug71aKano bg 1 Aug 71Kano bg 1 Aug 71bwKano shed Aug 71Kano shed Aug 71bwMakurdi 1Makurdi 2