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Created 27-Jun-11
Modified 28-Jun-11
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A collection of main line photos taken between 2006 and 2008 in the East Midlands area. 60009, 4771, 61264, 34067, 5690 feature, plus a couple of diesels. I had an inadequate camera to start with but the photos gradually improve.

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Keywords:34067, 4771, 5690, 60009, 61264, Greatford, Ketton, Marholm, Peterborough, Stamford, Wellingborough, Wing

060325 souldrop 011060408 leander 007060408 olympus 001060428b104060428b105060501b103061118 IMG_1136061202 IMG_1203061202 IMG_1209061202 IMG_1211061202 IMG_1217061202 IMG_1218061209 IMG_1229061209 IMG_1235061216 IMG_1260070303 IMG_1523070317 IMG_1552070317 IMG_1554070317 IMG_1555070324 IMG_1561