Roger Gurney's Heritage Rail and Travel Scenes | Nene Valley Railway 2007. July-Sept 07.

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Photos July-Sept 07 featuring visitors 4771 and 6412 on the NVR.

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070712 IMG_2563A070712 IMG_2566070712 IMG_2567A070714 IMG_2568070714 IMG_2569070714 IMG_2570070714 IMG_2571070714 IMG_2572070714 IMG_2573070714 IMG_2574070714 IMG_2575070714 IMG_2576070722 IMG_2647070722 IMG_2649070724 IMG_2652070724 IMG_2654070724 IMG_2658070801 IMG_2790070816 NVR6412 014070816 NVR6412 015